South Bay Baseball Cards

 Magento E-Commerce Website & Data Migration

Array Digital re-designed and developed a new e-commerce website for South Bay Baseball Cards in Lomita, CA.  The e-commerce system selected was Magento due to it's vast feature list and large development community.  A template was customized for South Bay Baseball Cards and the Google Calendar API was used to display South Bay's product release and in-store events calendar.

This project posed two main challenges:

  1. Migrating over 4,500 products from an OpenCart to Magento.  This was accomplished by enlisting the help of a service called Cart2Cart which provided the database mapping as well as the tool to automatically transfer all product categories, product details, and images.
  2. Magento is notorious for being a heavy system that runs very slowly.  We worked closely with the website host to instruct them on the best practices in server tuning that are required to ensure that Magento e-commerce runs quickly and smoothly.  In the end we moved SBayCards eCommerce site to a virtual private server and implemented caching, file compression and increased server resources (RAM, CPU, Storage) to help improve page load time.